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What we Offer

Guaranteed Rental Income

When leasing your property to us, you have guaranteed income for the duration of the lease, no headaches with tenants not paying on time, and no worries about tenants losing their job. You will receive a stress-free guaranteed rent check every month

Less Wear & Tear

Your property will be cleaned by our cleaning staff almost daily, many landlords are in shock after a 2-year-long tenant moves out and they see the condition of the property. Our cleaning staff makes sure the property is always in A+ condition daily for our guests.

Time To Sell

When it comes time to sell your investment property for a profit you don’t need to schedule around tenants and hope they vacate the property on closing, no eviction moratorium to worry about and your property will always be in A+condtion to be shown to potential buyers.

Multiple Units? No Problem

We sign multi-year long leases for 5-10 units at once which saves you the cost/time of finding a different tenant for each unit and collecting payment from multiple different people. If you’re looking to sell your apartment/multi-family and have vacant units give us a call and we will fill them that way you can get a higher Cap Rate on your sale.

No Costly Turnover

When the time comes to find a new tenant after your current tenant moves out it becomes a very costly expense

1. Deep cleaning and re-painting.

2. Listing Fee / Realtor Commission

3. Multiple Month Vacancies​

A Luxury Home Away From Home

Why Us?

Industry Vets

We take trust and respect very seriously. Above everything, our relationships with current landlords and owners are one of trust; so that you may entrust us to deliver on your properties. Every guest is screened, taking all pre-emptive measures regarding safety and security.​

Your property becomes our full responsibility and it is in our best interest to maintain its upkeep.

In-House Cleaning Staff

Our entire cleaning staff is hired directly, we don’t outsource our cleaning to another company. This enables us to have the most quality control over our cleaning standards and maintain professional level cleanliness after each stay. Our staff is trained to focus on the most minuscule of details because we know how important cleanliness is for 5 Start Reviews.

Trust and safety

To ensure safe and habitable property conditions we have employed the use of ring cameras, noise and smoke detectors, and smart locks.​

  • Ring cameras are installed at the entrance of each unit monitoring 24/7, where occupancy limit is honored.

  • Noise Detector devices installed inside each unit send an alert to our local on-site support staff if the noise exceeds a certain dB level.

  • Smoke detectors limits guest usage of kitchen to a reasonable amount, for safety and maintaining property condition.

  • Smart Locks are installed on each door, a new code is generated for each guest, and codes are deleted upon checkout.

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